Friday, 1 October 2010

Excitement at Bead HQ!

Hi Everyone, We've been sooo excited today at Spoilt Rotten Beads towers as our new uniforms have arrived, well they're not exactly uniforms they're beautiful tool pinnys with our name on them, they were handmade for us by Bev at and they're lovely - check them out!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pretty In Pink Handbag Charm Project

Pretty in Pink Handbag Charm - Buy this KIT here

This bag charm is lovely and jangly and looks fab in pink but why not customise the design and make it your own with different colours and different charms....


1 x Trigger Key Ring

1 x Mini Key Rring

1 x Pack Silver Plated Fancy Chain

1 x Pack Silver Plated Jump Rings

1 x Pack Silver Plated Headpins

1 x Pewter Dove Charm

3 x Silver Plated Leaf Charms

1 x Pack Silver Plated Flower Charms

1 x Pack Silver Plated Mini Flower Charms

1 xLarge Pink Millefoire Glass Bead

1 x Large White Millefoire Glass Bead

1 x Pink Rectangle Millefoire Glass Bead

1 x White Rectangle Millefoire Glass Bead

2 x Rose 8mm Swarovski Crystal Xilion Beads

1 x Pink Foiled Swirl Penny Bead

Tools Required: Chain Nose Pliers, Side Cutters, Round Nose Pliers, Split Ring Pliers (optional)


1. Begin by attaching the mini key ring to the trigger clasp - you may find it easier to use a pair of Split Ring Pliers to open the mini key ring - it saves your nails!

2. Next cut three different lengths of the fancy chain - you can make the handbag charm as long and dangly as you like!

3. Take the three different lengths of chain and add them to the mini key ring - again you may find it easier to use Split Ring Pliers to do this.

4. Finally add all the beads and charms to the chain using the jump rings and headpins - to add the beads you'll need to thread them onto the headpins and then use your Round Nose Pliers to create wire wrapped loops which you can attach to the chain before you finish...

Voila! Pop it on your bag and wait for the complements!

All beads and findings available from

Crystal Beads - The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch

If you’re making your own jewellery, choose beautiful crystal beads as your finishing touch.

There’s nothing more satisfying than creating your own jewellery – whether it’s for you, a friend or your business. The unique blend of colours, styles and combinations means that your jewellery will stand out, but the quality of the materials is equally important. Choosing the right crystal beads, fasteners, wires and spacers are all vital in producing the beautiful finished piece you want.

Choosing your Crystal Beads

There are lots of different types of crystal beads to choose from. You want quality design, reliable colour and great price. Swarovski crystal beads are fantastic value for money and give you the wow factor you’re looking for. You can also use other crystal beads, including Chinese leaded crystal beads, all of which give you the range of colours and shapes you may be looking for. When you’re choosing the beads for your jewellery designs, think about:

• Colour – whether you’re using a single colour for your design, or a combination, you need beads that work together. Depending on your design, you might want to choose crystals that are exactly the same shade of the colour you want, or you might be able to accept some slight variation in colour, which often gives jewellery a unique appeal.

• Design – crystal beads come in a variety of shapes, and you can mix and match these to create a wonderful design. If you want to create a piece using the same shape of beads, you can produce a fantastic effect, and because there’s a crystal bead for all of your needs, you’ll be able to realise your design without any problems.

• Price – if you make your living from jewellery design, you need to keep an eye on price. Jewellery has to be competitively priced in order for customers to choose your designs over others, and for that reason, your material costs need to be as low as possible – but the quality needs to be high. Look for suppliers of good quality beads at reasonable prices so that you can keep your margins at a profitable level.

Crystal Beads from Spoilt Rotten

At Spoilt Rotten Beads, we offer you over 3000 beads and findings to help you design and produce beautiful jewellery every time. With beautiful Swarovski crystal beads, pearls, charms and much more, we can offer you beautiful components at great prices. Take a look at our website to find out more and order online, or call us on 01353 749853 to find out more.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hotch Potch Bracelet Project

Hotch Potch Bracelet


Antique Copper Charm Bracelet

3mm Antique Copper Round Beads

Antique Copper Headpins

Red & Silver Glass Beads -

3 x Blue & White Fabric Covered Beads

2 x Large Faceted Acrylic Beads

2 x 8mm Swarovski Crystal Round Beads in Crystal AB

1 x Copper Open Heart Charm

1 x Antique Copper Jump Ring

Tools Required: Round Nose Pliers, Snipe Nose Pliers, Side Cutters


1. Thread the beads onto the headpins in the pattern shown using the 3mm Antique Copper Round Beads as stoppers.

2. Using your Round Nose Pliers make wire wrapped loops on the headpins to attach the beads to the charm bracelet - snip off any excess headpin using your Side Cutters

Friday, 3 September 2010

Silver Beads-DIY Cleaning Methods

If your silver beads are looking a bit tarnished here is a few tips to return your jewellery to its original shine.

Silver beads are perfect for everyday wear and as a result of this can over time lose their shine. This may be through no fault of your own, even the most expensive bracelets will become dull with wear. Luckily there are a number of things you can do at home to brighten up your jewellery collection.

You may be surprised to know that you don’t have to take your silver beads to professional jewellery cleaners to renew that coveted sparkle.

You will need the following items:

• A perspex bowl
• Baking soda
• Salt
• Silver foil
• Silver beads or jewellery
• A small towel

Once you have the necessary equipment to hand it is time for the cleaning process to begin. To begin line the bowl with the foil and fill with luke warm water. Add the baking soda and salt and leave your silver beads in the bowl to soak. It only takes a few minutes for the magic ingredients to work their magic on your tarnished silver beads. You should be able to see for yourself when your jewellery is ready to come out. Lay it on a towel to dry on its own. Once dry use a duster to buff your silver beads to perfection. This cleaning method works great on any kind of silver jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and key rings. The one exception to this rule is of course antique jewellery. If you don’t want to make your antique jewellery look brand new avoid putting it in the cleaning mixture. It is also advisable to use a different method on jewellery that has encrusted stones such as rubies, diamonds and emeralds.

Shop Online for Silver Beads

If you want stunning silver beads go online to find the best selection at Spoilt Rotten Beads. We stock an extensive collection of silver beads, crystal beads and charms for your perusal. Contact us for more information on 01353 749 853. Alternatively email the team at
Beautiful Crystal Beads for your own Jewellery

Whether you’re a seasoned jewellery designer or you’re ready to start making your own necklaces and bracelets, you want to choose the best quality crystal beads. Beautiful beads can be used in singles to create a stand-out element in a piece, or they can be used en-masse for a stunning effect.

Choosing which crystal beads to use can be a tough decision, because there’s a lot of choice out there. A wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes means that you can design and build jewellery of any style either for yourself, as gifts for friends or as the start of a brand new business. For some people, it’s the beads that give the inspiration for design; for others, the design comes on paper and then the hunt starts for crystal beads that will bring it to life. However you design your jewellery, or prefer to work, there’s a great selection of beads out there that will make your life easier.

There’s no end to the variety of designs and finishes that you can produce when you make your own jewellery. Crystal beads can be paired with other metals, charms and stones or can be used on their own. No matter what your style, there are beads to match, including:

Pendants – one of the most popular necklace designs, a pendant can be either a single bead on a chain or thong, or it can be part of a bigger design. Whatever you choose, crystal beads can make a great focal point for your design, or can provide the ideal contrast to a bigger stone or charm.

Bracelets – crystal beads are perfect for delicate, pretty bracelets. Choosing the right combination of colours and designs will help you to create individual bracelets that are delicate, chunky, traditional or contemporary – whatever you choose.

Earrings – produce beautiful drop-earrings by using stunning crystal beads that reflect the light and enhance the neckline. Whether this is as part of a jewellery set or as a stand-alone pair of earrings, beautiful beads can make all the difference.

For wonderful jewellery design, choose the very best in crystal beads.

Sunday, 19 April 2009


Yesterday I taught an Art Clay Silver Ring workshop and afterwards I had about an hour to spare before I went to get my hair done so I tried my hand at making wire work cuffs and here is my first attempt - it's not perfect but I'm actually quite proud of it....