Friday, 3 September 2010

Beautiful Crystal Beads for your own Jewellery

Whether you’re a seasoned jewellery designer or you’re ready to start making your own necklaces and bracelets, you want to choose the best quality crystal beads. Beautiful beads can be used in singles to create a stand-out element in a piece, or they can be used en-masse for a stunning effect.

Choosing which crystal beads to use can be a tough decision, because there’s a lot of choice out there. A wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes means that you can design and build jewellery of any style either for yourself, as gifts for friends or as the start of a brand new business. For some people, it’s the beads that give the inspiration for design; for others, the design comes on paper and then the hunt starts for crystal beads that will bring it to life. However you design your jewellery, or prefer to work, there’s a great selection of beads out there that will make your life easier.

There’s no end to the variety of designs and finishes that you can produce when you make your own jewellery. Crystal beads can be paired with other metals, charms and stones or can be used on their own. No matter what your style, there are beads to match, including:

Pendants – one of the most popular necklace designs, a pendant can be either a single bead on a chain or thong, or it can be part of a bigger design. Whatever you choose, crystal beads can make a great focal point for your design, or can provide the ideal contrast to a bigger stone or charm.

Bracelets – crystal beads are perfect for delicate, pretty bracelets. Choosing the right combination of colours and designs will help you to create individual bracelets that are delicate, chunky, traditional or contemporary – whatever you choose.

Earrings – produce beautiful drop-earrings by using stunning crystal beads that reflect the light and enhance the neckline. Whether this is as part of a jewellery set or as a stand-alone pair of earrings, beautiful beads can make all the difference.

For wonderful jewellery design, choose the very best in crystal beads.

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